WOS Blogs 5,6,7,8,9,10…AND 11

SO once again I’ve been writing, writing, writing. But not updating. So here’s ANOTHER round up of the last month or so over at

Am dram & the dilemma of reality TV casting

Last night at the Lyric Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue the great and good of the West End came out for the launch of Sky Arts’ new reality TV show “Nation’s Best Am Dram”…

Critical star wars

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the star rating system, whilst problematic, is here to stay. Or is it?…

Devoted & Disgruntled? A roadshow for you

This weekend a lot of devoted and a number of disgruntled people either lined the streets or locked their doors as the Queen celebrated her Diamond Jubilee….

(No) Royal Court Reservations

Sat in marvellous splendour above the ‘Become a Friend’ title of the Royal Court’s webpage is a production shot of Jerusalem

Inside Out

They may have picked one of the wettest summers in history but the National Theatre’s Inside Out festival is tantalising nonetheless…

Shakespeare in pubs? You’re Bard

I’ve seen a lot of Shakespeare above pubs this year and I’ve come to the conclusion that you can’t do this huge playwright in tiny rooms; not in traditional productions anyway…

Women (should be) in the spotlight

The art world has always placed women front and centre (for better or voyeuristic worse)…


WOS Blogs 1,2,3…and 4

 So I’ve been writing, writing, writing. But not updating. So here’s a round up of the last month or so over at Whatsonstage.com

Digital Theatre, are you a believer or not?


This May it’s raining festivals


Corporate sponsorship is a two-way street


Not part of the mainstream, part one – The Yard


Honour Bayes: Oliviers 2012 Blog – View from a newbie newsie


I’ve started writing a weekly blog for Whatsonstage.com which is going to cover a wealth of things that interest me, hopefully you, and which aren’t getting covered elsewhere. Ironic then that it should start with a blog on The Oliviers, cause, well that was kind of everywhere, but none-the-less  here is my first WOS blog. More to come on Tuesday….

Honour Bayes: Oliviers 2012 Blog – View from a newbie newsie