Review: Mydidae

Written for The Stage

Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Kier Charles


A master of dialogue that is both funny and brutally revealing, Jack Thorne is one of the most sharply empathic writers we have in film, TV and on stage today. New writing company DryWrite have performed an act of theatrical grace in commissioning this intuitive and witty playwright to create their first full length play, Mydidae.

In a clever move this two hander is set entirely in the intimacy of a bathroom – here fully plumbed in Amy Jane Cook’s minimalist but impressive design – as a modern relationship is stripped bare. Against this clinically exposing setting, Thorne shines a spotlight on a young couple with more to hide in the bathroom mirror than merely the onset of age. What begins playfully soon sinks into darker territory as a tragic anniversary threatens to suffocate Marian and David a year later.

In Vicky Jones’ courageous production, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Kier Charles have nowhere to hide. Waller-Bridge is utterly compelling as Marian. In a fearless performance she imbues this witty, damaged woman with a complexity and depth that feels endless and completely human. Charles does an admirable job as her duelling partner and the chemistry between the two is palpable.

This confident production pierces the heart of Thorne’s bitter-sweet study of humanity. The only act of hesitancy comes when Thorne continues the play for too long. What has been an opaque and potent exploration of modern intimacy comes dangerously close to becoming an issue piece. Even so the writing and performances remain peerless throughout making this superb show unmissable.

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