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All that glitters IS gold.

“Life is a cabaret, old chum” is perhaps one of the most iconic lyrics in film history but it’s not the one that most stays with me. Instead I’m drawn to this one describing poor old Elsie: “The day she died the neighbours came to snicker: ‘Well, that’s what comes from too much pills and liquor.’”….read more.

Edinburgh – season to season

In the post Olympic glow talk has arisen of continuing a biannual Cultural Olympiad (or should I say London 2012 Festival – is there a difference?). While LIFT (or indeed the Manchester or Edinburgh International Festivals) may have good reason to quibble that this is precisely what they do, and do very well, the idea of a curated festival on this scale every two years is tantalising…read more.

Acting with a capital A

This year I’m on the panel of The Stage Awards for Acting Excellence at the Edinburgh Fringe. It’s meant that I’ve been able to see some stunning shows that I would have missed otherwise – most notably Thread and Mess (which, if you get the chance I urge you to catch)...read more.

The politics of performance.

As politicians warm up their vocal cords ready for party conference season, voters are feeling not only powerless but voiceless. For a theatre world determined to respond to the needs of its audience therefore, now is not the time for traditional political language – now is the time to literally go left field…read more.


Edinburgh review: Lady Rizo

Written for The Stage

“You’re so lovely,” Lady Rizo purrs at us, before crescendoing in a caramel growl “and so fucking lucky.” After a spine-tingling hour, it’s hard not to agree with her. Lady Rizo’s intimate set is a rare chance to see this New York chanteuse and Grammy award winner up close and personal.

While performing vintage reinterpretations of 1980s and 1990s songs and original material – including the hypnotic Ink Dip – she peppers a soaring set with stories and skits that have you hooked.

It may sound old hat, but Lady Rizo, the performance persona of Amelia Zirin-Brown, is captivatingly contradictory. Deliciously blending performance art and burlesque one minute, she is a temptress. The next minute, she’s a comedienne, flirting at us with a rose before eating it. We’re all a flutter. It’s like being kept in a permanent state of arousal.

Burlesque has a long political history of parody and caricature that has become lost in the bosom of the female striptease. Lady Rizo brings it back to its roots, mixing its sexy new form with the voice of an angel, the irreverence of variety and so much more. Empowering, strange and soulful – make sure you catch this cabaret superstar while you can.

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