News from The Burgh: Solid but not exceptional

So I’ve been here for 5 days now and the general trend seems to be for good solid but unexceptional shows.

Whilst everyone likes to see well constructed work they also want to be able to rave about something on a deeper level.  Apart from The Author at The Traverse, which frustrated the hell out of me but was at least deeply thought provoking, nothing is being whispered about in the breathless almost religious fervor which surrounded OG’s Internal last year.

Another standout in 2009 was Midsummer at The Traverse which garnered rave reviews. This year David Leddy’s Sub Rosa is being spoken of highly (going to see that tonight – review on What’s On Stage tomorrow) and I loved Bunny by Jack Thorne but the breakout beastie is still to be found (saying this, this year I have a feeling the Forest Fringe is going to be the most talked about part of Edinburgh; the place is practically bursting at the seams with wacky creativity – highlight William Shatner karaoke.)

If you’re up here and have seen something exceptional please let me know, with Beautiful Burnout and Teenage Riot still to come for me I’m not giving up the chase just yet.