Bold As Brass – Second Run This Week

Bold as Brass is going back up this Thurs (26 Nov) and Sun (29 Nov) at The Duke of Clarence in St George’s Circus.  If you missed it the first time make sure you take a trip to Elephant and Castle and enjoy this incredible building and surreally charming show.  Do it whilst you still can.

To reserve tickets email  Show begins at 7.30pm.


Bold As Brass

At St George’s Circus there is a performance going on in the midst of an atmospheric building with a fading grandeur and massive holes in the floor.  Lit only by lights wired to a generator, candles and torches, the members of the South London Free Arts Collective (SLFAC) are performing the quirky and uplifting story of Brass Crosby.  We are in the middle of what is ungraciously called a condemned building, but what could easily be one of the most interesting site specific venues in London; The Duke of Clarence. 

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