Exeunt Critics’ Picks of 2011

LOTS of fabulous picks here by some people who really know their stuff including some expected and not so expected pieces. Wish I could have mentioned London Road, wish I could have seen Mission Drift…

Originally published on Exeunt

Of course we are wary of the arbitrary nature of these things, the artificiality of seasons, the ordering of experiences into peaks, the hierarchal maps they reproduce, the dangers of placing Fabulous ones next to Those who have just broken a vase.  However at some point you have to be practical.  Our critics have valiantly seen a metric stage-tonne of theatre this year, so what better to relive with sufficient context their most notable moments? And from here it looks like they have produced a list unrivalled for its scope, depth and surprises.  So without further ado-ing, and in no particular order…

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Why have beef burger when you could have steak?

I went to see Victory at the Arcola last week.  This feast of a play is an early piece from that crusty bastion of British writing Howard Barker.  Later Barker texts are seen to be a bit dry and preachy but nothing could be moister than this incredible play which swims around in the salacious possibilities of the English language with not a thought for the sparse contemporary lexicon which seems to restrict modern writers to the children’s paddling pool.

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