Review: Children’s Children

Written for Exeunt

At one point in Matthew Dunster’s new play an earnest young man launches into a ten minute diatribe against the oil companies who are raping the natural world. He leaps from one desperate injustice to another, becoming increasingly depressed at the impossibility of a quest which is as epic as it is important. There’s just too much to care about, leaving him exhausted and frustrated.

The same could be said of this play. Dunster’s writing is laced with a kind of brutal humour which engages for a while. But he tries to cover so much ground that you begin to feel as if you’re being beaten into a submission. Statements are thrown about that dare us to care, generalisations are made about people’s selfishness and inability to see into the future, attacks are made against big business and perceived capitalist ideals. In an increasingly hysterical manner, Dunster begs his audience to see the bigger picture, to not simply think of themselves and their children but to think (you’ve guessed it) of our children’s children.

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