Fringe Focus: Offies on screen?

Written for The Stage

One of the biggest problems facing the fringe is reaching new audiences.

To raise the profile of some of London’s best kept secrets we needed to think outside the box and after taking part in this week’s The Stage poll – “Will you be watching/listening to the Olivier Awards this year?” – I think I’ve hit upon an idea – let’s live stream The Off West End Theatre Awards (or ‘Offies’ to their friends)

The media coverage of the Oliviers is the reason they are such a good thing for British theatre. By offering both the glitzily edited highlights and live radio coverage, an exclusive event is transformed into one millions can enjoy. And this isn’t hyperbole, in 2012 almost one million people watched them – a profile raising figure if ever there was one…to read more go here


2 thoughts on “Fringe Focus: Offies on screen?

  1. Maybe you should talk to Louise Jury / Sarah Sands at Evening Standard – or Boris even – for support. As Ev Std have won the franchise for London TV a live stream of the “Offies” could be a good way to initiate some profile-raising for the new channel. Trevor.

    • Thanks Trevor – that’s a really great idea. I was speaking to someone at the Offies actually who said as a result of the piece they are thinking of ways to do it so I’ll forward this on to them. Honour

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