Edinburgh review: The Awesome Show

Written for The Stage

What is awesomeness? In our pop culture world it’s associated with teenagers rolling the word around their mouths and extending it in a languid vocalisation of ‘cool’. But it can also mean ‘extremely impressive or daunting’ or ‘inspiring great admiration, apprehension, or fear’.

Wish (tonight William Glenn, Trish Parry, Jamie Sanders and visual scenographer, Max) have been taking this question very seriously. So seriously they have conducted a series of experiments into the subject.

Resultant titles have been written on pieces of bunting that zigzag across the stage – ‘Jamie’s bag’, ‘Explosion’, ‘Tea lady’, ‘Campfire’. Glenn gives us choices of which ones we’d like. We get to bang pots and pans with childish abandon, listen to philosophical musings around a fire, talk about what we think is awesome, experience the disturbing inevitability of population growth, experience the disturbing vision of a cupcake competition and drink shots.

As a work in progress the show is not fully formed – appearing ramshackle at times. But perhaps this is the point. An exploration into something so vast will never lead to a conclusive answer – for everyone it means something different. But for an hour at least Wish share with us a little bit of what it means to them.

For more information on Wish go here.


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