Edinburgh review: Othello – The Remix

Written for The Stage

After blowing up a storm at Globe to Globe, the Q Brothers bring Othello – The Remix to Edinburgh. Elizabethan iambic pentameter is swapped for 4/4 rap beats in a ridiculously enjoyable remix.

MC Othello has risen through the ranks of the music industry to become the man with the biggest medallions and most expensive cars. But disgruntled crew member Iago is waiting in the wings with malicious intent.

Written and conceived by the superb Q Brothers, Othello – The Remix is nonetheless a joyous piece of ensemble work. From Jackson Doran’s adorable pop prince Cassio to Postell Pringle’s kingpin Othello via Gregory Qaiyum’s dastardly Iago and Jeffrey Qaiyum’s hilarious Bianca, we are offered a smorgasbord of downtown delights.

The Q Brothers are masters of comedy but they also nail the sinister side of a world as obsessed with macho pride as Shakespeare’s was. In making Desdemona a bodiless angel – whose vocals soar through the earthy rhythms below – from the start they highlight her powerlessness in this male-led, ego-fuelled industry.

Contemporary versions of Shakespeare often miss the point, but with this hip hop version of Othello, full of greed, rap rivalries and jealousy, the Q Brothers have nailed it.

For more information on the company go here.


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