Edinburgh review: I Heart Peterborough

Written for The Stage

A bump of London overspill in the middle of the flat Fens, Peterborough is more famous for its trains than inspiring love letters. For a town at the centre of so much travel, the dreams of many of its locals are at a standstill. But in his glittering new play, Joel Horwood has penned a heartfelt note to those inhabitants who aren’t simply “human cul-de-sacs”.

There’s more than a dose of sparkle in this story of cabaret transvestite Michael/Lulu and his son Hew. Thrust together unexpectedly, they attempt to get through life’s ups and downs in a place designed to flatten them. They also form a rather good variety act – flaky Lulu flicking on the switch when a performance is needed and Hew solidly providing the ever brilliant accompaniment. He has the voice of an angel, and can do a fabulous gossipy neighbour impression too.

As always with Horwood’s work, music beats through I Heart Peterborough like a pulse. The bombastic soundtrack underscores Lulu and Hew’s strange and isolated suburbia. Horwood’s script is full of funny touches, and he is a compassionate director.

Milo Twomey as Lulu is a fragile and fierce narrator, while Jay Taylor’s Hew provides a compelling and tragic foil.

For more information on I Heart Peterborough at Soho Theatre go here.


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