Review: The Great Gatsby – Wilton’s Music Hall

Written for Time Out

Christopher Brandon as Tom, Kirsty Besterman as Daisy and Vicki Campbell as Jordan

Stepping into the boozy warmth of Wilton’s Music Hall, the rosy flush that began as a reaction to the temperature change turns into a blush. I haven’t dressed up for this immersive take on ‘The Great Gatsby’ and everyone else has. Flappers and gents swirl around me nattering happily away about absolutely nothing whilst sipping gin cocktails.

Going further into the building it’s clear the decadence of F Scott Fitzgerald’s world has soaked into every fibre of Wilton’s, as spirited partygoers fall out of doorways and corridors. This audience is having a whale of a time and the play hasn’t even started yet.

When it does, the frivolity continues in a fun production punctuated with jaunty a capella numbers by singers The Wil Tones. From the pretty elegance of Lucy Wilkinson’s set to the cast’s crisp performances this is a tidy and fresh show.

But what Peter Joucla’s adaptation possess in style it lacks in heart. For all its entertaining charm this is a lightweight adaptation of Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece. Neither Daisy’s betrayal, nor Nick’s faithfulness to Gatsby are made real.

This won’t be the year’s greatest ‘Gatsby’ adaptation, but damn, it’s a party of which the man would be proud.


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