Review: Around the World in Eighty Days

Written for The Stage

In a world full of flying carpets and ugly sisters, Around the World in Eighty Days is a welcome change in our panto-infused festive landscape. Kate Bannister’s cheeky ride reminds you why the Victorians were great and whisks you away at a pace that even Phileas Fogg would envy.

Inspector Fix (a sweetly officious Jonathan Clarkson) has got it into his head that Fogg’s international jaunt is more to do with theft than a gentleman’s bet. He takes the next steamer after our adventurer determined to catch his man. Savage sacrifices and elephant rides are just a few of the scrapes that follow, in an international caper that would make the Pink Panther proud.

Chock-full of makeshift steampunk style, this energetic company takes you around the world in under two hours, bringing colour to every new shore with a couple of saris and some affectionately dodgy accents.

David Mildon makes Fogg’s pedantry look gentlemanly and Emily Lockwood as Princess Aouda is a romantic but no-nonsense heroine. Adrian Salmon brings passion to the party with his cheerfully supercilious manservant, Passpartout, and in a sea of rich travel acquaintances, Brigid Lohrey’s Lady Cromarty is a particularly fruity treat.

Runs until January 7


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