Review: The Enormous Turnip

Written for The Stage

Puppetry, live music and good old-fashioned charm are sprouting up left, right and centre from the stage of Jacksons Lane this Christmas. Children’s theatre veterans Stuff and Nonsense have taken the classic tale The Enormous Turnip and turned it into a jolly two-hander full of wry smiles and bendy legs.

A scene from The Enormous Turnip at Jacksons Lane, London

Dotty and Raymond Chickweed live a seemingly idyllic existence in a shed on an allotment. They sing to their vegetables and their vegetables sing to them. Raymond mischievously longs to travel the world whilst Dotty is happy where she is. But when they plant a turnip seed close to their home they get much more than they bargained for.

Fiona Putnam and Marc Parrett are engaging and likeable storytellers who are adored by the sea of six year olds in front of them. Luckily for the rest of us they more than manage that special trick that only certain Blue Peter presenters do, balancing enough know how and energy to please both parents and ‘seedlings’ alike.

Edwina Bridgeman’s design appears pleasingly home made while impressing with its ingenuity and the folksy music makes both mice and children dance.

The Enormous Turnip is as wholesome and warming as Dotty Chickweed’s Christmas vegetable soup and just as yummy.

Runs until 31st December. For more information go here.


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