Rough around the edges: personal and political snatches of thought.

“Nothing like heavy-handed police intervention to turn ambivalence into outright admiration #ows

This wasn’t me but it could have been. The police are kicking Occupy Wall Street out and my blood boils again. But Protest isn’t about the big bangs and whistles. It’s about the people who set up a new city within an existing one. The people who had the patience to create kitchens and schools, had libraries donated and broke down institutional barriers. Change is about the long haul and it’s an incremental and at times dull process. But attention must be paid everyday, not just on fiercely unjust ones such as this.

I say this more to myself than anyone else. Perhaps it’s hard to stay committed because the Occupy movement don’t seem to speak as one voice so I’m unsure what alternatives I’m supporting. Or maybe it’s because day to day they are fighting the very matrix we exist in, Capitalism. Its a faceless, nationless master and because it seems so natural it’s much harder to get furious with than a misguided police force. For long term support from those who aren’t naturally predisposed to protest the multitude of voices coming from those tents need to begin setting out an alternative however embryonic. And I need to pay more attention to the details of what it is they are saying now, to be prepared to sit down and engage in their sometimes conflicting but inherently right (with a capital R) provocations. Only then will I turn my sense of indignation today into a real commitment to action tomorrow.


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