In conversation with a Shakespearian glam rock lover – Get Over It Productions bring Macbeth to the fringe.

Paula Benson, Artistic Director of Get Over It Productions is interested in two things, the intense and passionate love story between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth that we so often look over in our race to demonize them… and 1970’s glam rock! 

Now one may have thought ‘never the twain shall meet’ but Benson has put the two together in a rather novel version of Macbeth that has large dollops of glittery style and a gender bending leading man (well woman) in a silvery jump suit that would make Bowie proud.

A stylish undertaking then, but it’s not all glitz and glamour for Benson who wistfully talks of the spontaneity of old troupes of traveling players; ‘For me we could just do it in black t-shirts and it should still be good, all the other stuff is an added extra.’  Harking back to the days of family run theatres there is a hint of nostalgia to this company formed as it is from 10 year long friendships, family members and young performers who have grown up with Benson in the rehearsal room. 

Utilizing their training in mime and physical theatre, Get Over It Productions want to create work that is dramatic and entertaining, pushing their boundaries to incorporate not simply a stylised form but a naturalistic and realistic one. 

So far the company have tackled Hamlet and Macbeth, but it’s not for any singular focus on Shakespeare, ‘The writing is just so good’ says Benson simply.  However Benson is intent on doing a modern piece next and is always tirelessly looking, so much so that as we part she says ‘if you read anything good forward it on to me’. This is indicative of the friendly company spirit which permeates Get Over It and as I leave I think ‘You know what, I will’.

 For more information on Get Over It Productions please go to their myspace page:


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