Exposure has everything to do with length.

“A David has emerged to challenge the Edinburgh Goliath: the Camden Fringe” The Guardian

The fourth Camden Fringe starts on 3rd August and in its three year tenure it has grown into a diverse and credible festival.  But apart from the above golden nugget from the Guardian very little national press covers the up and coming contender.  This of course has something to do with the presence of the saturated giant that is Edinburgh but there is another much more practical reason for this lack of printed promotion.

Looking through the brochure this year and attempting to pick shows to review and cover for both The Camden Voyeur and Fringe Review, I was struck by how every show, with the exception of perhaps 3 or 4, is only running for a two/three day period.  A write up is somewhat redundant therefore because you see it on the first night, the review comes out and it’s already the last night.  This is especially true for a printed publication such as The Camden Voyeur which has a turn around of 4 days making it very tricky for the printed version to be current (although it will of course be fabulous and full of interviews and Victorian witticisms!).

Now I wouldn’t be boo who-ing if there wasn’t good work to promote, but as it is there are some real gems to be found in the programme and some fabulous venues involved and it would be quite nice to shout about it.  If the fringe wants to get more national coverage and therefore boost its profile (and I’m just assuming that it does by the way, maybe it likes being David?) then it should consider programming work for longer runs.  And yes this would inevitably mean less shows but maybe that wouldn’t be a bad thing either; quality and not quantity – now that’s the way to beat Edinburgh.



One thought on “Exposure has everything to do with length.

  1. Hi,
    We’re debuting our play at the Camden Fringe – Rob is, Trunkman productions.

    We’re lucky enough to have 5 shows on next week starting from the 10th – 15th August at the Camden People’s Theatre. However appreciate that some of the other shows are not as lucky as us.

    We’d like to encourage anyone reading this to support Camden Fringe and other smaller festivals that go on within London.

    Like some of our colleages at the Camden Fringe, we struggle to get wide exposure and really rely on the ‘people’ to support us.

    So yes, shamelessly here is our quick plug, hope you don’t mind….:

    Title of play: Rob Is, part of Camden Fringe

    Where: Camden People’s Theatre 58-60 Hampstead Road, London, NW1 2PY

    Tickets: £7.50
    Ticket booking: 08444 77 1000 or http://www.ticketweb.co.uk

    When: 10th – 15th August

    Time: 7:45pm (1hour)

    General description:

    Rob Is produced by Trunkman production makes its debut at London’s Camden Fringe 2009 festival

    What’s it all about?

    Robert Morgan is a man frustrated, to say the least. He hates his new job, he’s been in love with his flat-mate for over a decade without any reciprocation and almost everything else annoys him to the point of diabolical rage.

    This week’s irritation comes when Rob starts in a new job, and his first task is researching prime online ad space for his clients. Using the global news pages as a starting point, Rob discovers that a cacophony of opinion polls, forums and blogs are taking over these sites, and he becomes utterly convinced that the news providers are more interested in their own entertainment value than their journalistic integrity.

    Rob Is, is the story of the humiliations of desire, the lengths we’ll go to pursue it, and the fact that sometimes we all just need a big hug.

    Trunkman Productions

    View the official Rob Is trailer:

    Thx Steph

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