You shall go to the ball!

I am going to a mask ball on Thursday as part of Antic Disposition’s production of Much Ado About Nothing showing at St Stephen’s in Hampstead.  Sadly it’s not a part of the show as per say and more an after show party darrrrrrling.  But before it sounds like I’m crowing it’s only because usually it’s not expected or really ‘good form’ for press to attend parties so I’m rather excited.  You should be at home squirreling away on your computer and what if you were spotted by an over enthusiastic performer who was desperate to see what you thought of the show.  There’s only so many deflecting responses that one can make because even if you liked it you don’t talk about it until the review is out in black and white with the artists – rule one apparently.

But here it is on the press invitation; ‘Followed by a MASKED PARTY – Masks compulsory’.  So Cinderella can finally go to the ball, and my fairy godmother in this godsend? – my compulsory mask.  A mask enables you to become someone else, and so a critic can become a paying member of the public and no enquiring eyes peering through their cut holes will be able to tell the difference.  Of course I will still have to get back to do the review pretty early in the evening, but one dance won’t hurt and this girl’s dancing shoes need a bit of a wiggle. So off to the ball I go, maybe I’ll see you there, but will you see me?


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