Beginner’s Call

‘It’s all a bit pointless unless you write it down.’


After many countless vocal debates with friends, colleagues and sometimes strangers, I’ve come to the conclusion that this piece of advice is true and so here I am writing a blog on theatre that will hopefully be a paper (well cyber) version of the thoughts and opinions that I have on theatre and performance art as a whole, as well (and am I running before I can walk?) an online hub for other people’s opinions as well as a flicker book of reviews, interviews and articles. 


But let’s not get away with ourselves because it’s a nerve wracking thing to write down one’s thoughts; when they’re in your head they’re personal and even when spoken, they are infinitely changeable. By writing thoughts down one solidifies and exposes them, not only to others but to one’s own further scrutiny.  Like washed teddies on a line, it’s a precarious place to be.  But nothing comes from nothing and to return to the original point; there’s no point in having these thoughts and wanting others to know them and further them through interaction and not to take the leap to put them down in black and white.  So here we go – I hope you enjoy reading this blog – all comers are welcome.



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